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The best assets
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Free Software Alternatives for a graphic designer!

Every graphic designer know-how is costly Adobe products and everyone can’t afford the cost of these products so I bring some alternatives for you. Have a look

  1. Ps ALternative GIMP
  2. Ai ALternative INKSCAPE
  3. AE ALternative NATRON
  4. XD ALternative FIGMA

Create your job-winning resume with these resume creator

As a designer, We build the first impression by resume portfolio so why not we should make an eye-catching and stand out a resume from the crowd, Just try with these free and paid tools.

  1. Canva
  3. Livecareer
  5. Resumebuild | Paid

5 favorite books of Graphic designers

Design is a collection of inspiration, creativity, knowledge, and technique so you must update yourself and know more about these. I m suggesting some best books of design Just check out

  1. Thinking With Type
  2. How to
  3. Grid Systems
  4. Logo Modernism
  5. Designing Brand Identity

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Download unlimited ui assets

Sometimes we need to work close fast or need design’s elements to improve work, I bring the best ui resources, Have a look→

  1. Ui8
  2. Uigarage
  3. Uistore
  4. Freebiesui

Award-Winning Design Teams Worldwide

For good health you must eat healthy food, design good you must have good inspiration. Have a look at the worldwide top design team.

  1. Airbnb Design
  2. Design Google
  3. Design Facebook

UI/UX research guide

Just check out these research, case studies, and blogs related to UI/UX to improve your skill and knowledge.

  1. Ux-blog
  2. Interface Design
  3. Ui-Ux
  4. Muzli

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Easily, Copy ✂️ and Paste 📋 Emoji..Everywhere 👌!

Don’t need now download png or svg 😃 for use 🖥️ Web or 📱Android project, Just copy and paste. Have a Look at these special sites

  1. Emoji Pedia
  2. Get Emoji
  3. Iemoji
  4. Openmoji

5 Best Free Website Builders Online

You may be imagining that a free website builder seems too great to be true, we thought so too. We add 5 of the top web site builders available in the market today.

  1. Wix
  2. Webflow
  3. Yola
  4. Webnode
  5. Website

Step by Step Guides on the website Design Process

Branding, product, and company, through different gestures and interactions. here are some practical guides on step by step web design process.

  1. Smashing magazine
  2. Webflow
  3. Ithemes
  4. Printmag

What is Designer assets

My name is Pankaj Yarg, creator of Designer Assets and Director in Art and Design Studio. Having 5+ experience in the design field with national and international clients and founded 3 organizations in this time. I got the idea of Designer Assets from my bookmark which carries lot’s of resources that help me to create a design quickly and fast so I realized to make a group of important resources in one place where every designer can access easily without any pay and restrictions, also have another reason,

"When I started my design career, No one was related design field in my team whose I could ask my doubt and query. It was very challenging on a daily basis to get a solution"

so I feel that many beginners face it that's why I collected all my important websites, tools and assets from my bookmark and asked experienced designers to share all their secrets of free resources. Everyone can use these daily resources for images, mockups, freebies, blogs, color tools, typography tools and more.

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