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AI Tools for
Time-Saving EfficiencyView All →

AI Websites for Text-to-Code Conversion

These AI websites provide innovative solutions for text-to-code conversion. Explore the best tools for generating clean, efficient code from natural language input.

  1. Copilot-X
  2. Codex
  3. Code Whisperer

Outstanding 3D AI Resources

Discover top AI resources for 3D that offer innovative tools and techniques to enhance your 3D design process. Create stunning visuals and animations with ease using these resources

  1. Imagine 3D
  2. Magic3d
  3. Point-E

3 Free AI Tools for Audio Enhancement

Enhance the quality of your audio recordings with these free AI tools. Improve sound clarity, reduce noise, and add effects to your recordings effortlessly.

  1. Jukebox
  2. Musiclm
  3. Text-to-Speech

The best assets
for a Graphic designerView All →

5 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a job that rewards hard work and creativity. I’ll just list a few popular places where you can sell your digital product and get money.

  1. Sell Any Digital Products
  2. Sell Design Templates
  3. Sell Tutorials
  4. Affiliates
  5. Create a Patreon

Powerful Ai tools for graphic designers

I am introducing every designer to powerful and time-saving Artificial Intelligence tools. These Ai resources will make easy your day. Just try them→

  1. Visual Eyes
  2. let’s Enhance
  3. Fronty
  4. Adobe Sensei
  5. Removebg
  6. Fontpair

The best drawing tablets in 2022 | Medium Range

If you are looking to buy a better and usefull drawing tablets in medium range, Let me share my short list with all. Have a look below

  1. Wacom One
  2. VEIKK A15 PRO
  3. Wacom CTL-472
  4. XP-Pen Deco01
  5. VEIKK A15 PRO
  6. Wacom Cintiq

The best assets
For a Ui & Ux designerView All →

Listen to UX Professionals Experiences | UX Podcasts right now

Discussions about UI/UX design, products, marketing, and other topics.

  1. Design Matters Podcast
  2. Ui Breakfast Podcast
  3. Design Better
  4. The Futur Podcast

Design Patterns for UI and UX

All the most recent UI&UX Design Patterns for Web, Mobile, and Tablet

  1. Pttrns
  2. Ui Garage
  3. Ui Patterns
  4. Pattern library
  5. Designer Assets

UX/UI design communities and groups

Some informative and knowledge gainer UX/UI design communities & groups you can join to network, grow, and share your work. Go check them out today!

  1. Designer Slack
  2. Discord
  3. Designer Hangout
  4. Peoplewho
  5. Apiwho
  6. Womenwho

The best assets
for a Web designerView All →

Easily, Copy ✂️ and Paste 📋 Emoji..Everywhere 👌!

Don’t need now download png or svg 😃 for use 🖥️ Web or 📱Android project, Just copy and paste. Have a Look at these special sites

  1. Emoji Pedia
  2. Get Emoji
  3. Iemoji
  4. Openmoji

5 Best Free Website Builders Online

You may be imagining that a free website builder seems too great to be true, we thought so too. We add 5 of the top web site builders available in the market today.

  1. Wix
  2. Webflow
  3. Yola
  4. Webnode
  5. Website

Step by Step Guides on the website Design Process

Branding, product, and company, through different gestures and interactions. here are some practical guides on step by step web design process.

  1. Smashing magazine
  2. Webflow
  3. Ithemes
  4. Printmag

The best assets
for a TypographerView All →

Download unlimited fonts

I bring some very famous sites there you can download free and prime fonts by one click.

  1. Google Font
  2. Dafont
  3. Adobefonts
  4. 1001fonts

Typography Websites every Designer must know about

With excellent typography with better readability and visual effects make a website more attractive and provide better UX. This is why a growing number of designers are focusing more on web typography design. We have created the best typography design websites list that will help you in web designing.

  1. Typewolf
  2. Smashing magazine
  3. Fontjoy
  4. Lipsum

Awesome, design inspirations just for Every designer

With a bit of help and inspiration, you can improve the overall look of your final product. Let these sites give you new inspiration to give you new ideas!

  1. Behance
  2. Dribbble
  3. Pinterest
  4. Designspiration
  5. Bestfolios
  6. InspirationGrid

What is Designer assets

👋, I am Pankaj Yarg, creator of Designer Assets and Director in Art and Design Studio. I got the idea of Designer Assets from my bookmark which carries lot’s of resources that help me to create a design quickly and fast so I realized to make a group of important resources in one place where every designer can access easily without any pay and restrictions, also have another reason,

"When I started my design career, No one was related design field in my team whose I could ask my doubt and query. It was very challenging on a daily basis to get a solution"

so I feel that many beginners face it that's why I collected all my important websites, tools and assets from my bookmark and asked experienced designers to share all their secrets of free resources. Everyone can use these daily resources for images, mockups, freebies, blogs, color tools, typography tools and more.

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